Families choose Watershed School for many reasons.

1. At Watershed, the world is your classroom.

Much of the learning at Watershed takes place outside of a conventional classroom. We draw upon the cultural, natural, and human resources of Boulder County, including community farms, local businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Watershed students also receive the opportunity to travel into other countries and cultures as well as wilderness areas for extended periods of time.

“I have been to Mexico where I studied border issues. I have traveled to Yellowstone, and down the Green River in Utah, where we developed our critical thinking skills through animal tracking. Others have traveled to New Orleans and New York City . . . school can’t get much better than that now, can it?!!!”
- James, 10th grade

2. Watershed School allows students to engage in work that is meaningful and relevant.

Asking the questions “How can I help?” and “How can I make a difference?” is central to the Watershed School experience. Authentic projects that address community, national, and global needs are at the center of an innovative curriculum. Whether students are helping rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, submitting market analyses to national businesses, or designing a new Watershed school building, an ethic of service pervades the school.

“The students here learn how to work in a community and discover what an education really is. It is where the topics we study are relevant and where we are encouraged to discuss and debate concepts rather than just memorize dates and facts . . . This is my second year at Watershed and I have seen myself transform from a teen without confidence or a desire to engage in academics, into a young adult who is passionate about contemporary global issues with a profound desire to better the world.” – Devaki, 12th grade

3. Watershed educators strive to bring out the best in students.

We are founded on the premise that all people have within them tremendous curiosity, insight, and wisdom, and that the role of educators to help draw out these qualities in students. Watershed educators know each of their students well and strive to help them to uncover their full potential. We value questions as much as we value answers and we believe that imagination, courage, and compassion are vital to an education for a better world.

“I have teachers who care about my classmates and me, making sure that we always understand our assignments and the topics we cover in class, encouraging us to never hesitate about asking questions.” – Kierra, 7th grade

4. Students can be themselves at Watershed.

We put an incredible amount of time and engery into ensuring that Watershed School is a place where students feel safe and comfortable. Through community meetings, gatherings, advisory groups, and collaborative projects, Watershed students come to know and care for themselves and others. It is no small feat in these times to create a space where it is cool to be kind and compassionate towards one’s fellow students!

“Because I go to Watershed, I have a lot more freedom to be myself because everyone accepts me for who I am. Now I know that I can do many things and help others more.” – Will, 6th grade