Watershed School is an innovative middle and high school located in central Boulder, Colorado. Our students are engaged in real-world learning that helps them see how rigorous academic content is relevant to their lives. By taking them off campus and putting them in challenging, real-world situations, we spark passion, curiosity, and deep understanding. As the result of our unique approach to learning, Watershed School has been recognized by The New York Times, student performance on creative problem solving tests, and the 100% college acceptance rate of our alumni. The school is intentionally small to support our educational model; however, the school continues to grow.  In 2015-2016, the school will enroll approximately seventy students.

Working at Watershed means being part of a creative, collaborative community of educators.

Our teachers have three weeks of paid professional learning time in the middle of the school year. While students are off on vacation or engaging in intensive courses led by outside organizations, our teachers are on-campus planning curriculum, providing feedback to each other, and learning new skills.

The Watershed Expedition to the Future of Learning generously funds professional development and travel to conferences, and your contract year will end with the national Traverse event, which brings national innovators in education right to Watershed’s campus.

As an independent school, we do not need to adhere to Common Core or multiple choice standardized tests. We make our own decisions about curriculum, as a community of educators, based on research-based best practices.

Of course, this freedom comes with expectations. The words “I’ve always done it this way” don’t work here. Teachers who want to shut the door and do their own thing aren’t a good fit. When you teach at Watershed, you’re expected to build on other’s ideas and share the best lessons you’ve learned in the classroom. You’ll teach in a team and offer feedback on every piece of curriculum in the school. Watershed teachers should always be learning, and always open to growing through failure.

If this excites you – in the heart-racing sense of the term – then we encourage you to apply. For the right teacher, there’s nowhere else in the country they’d rather be.

“You know you’re working in a special place when you not only find yourself side-by-side with your students, learning and exploring together, but you come to a point where a student launches forward and is suddenly teaching you.”

— Jeff Osgood, Humanities Educator


Salaries are competitive. Full-time employees earn contributions to medical/dental/vision insurance and school contribution to a Simple IRA retirement plan. Employees working 30+ hours/week are eligible for 50% tuition remission for children. Teachers receive standard vacations (9 weeks in summer plus 5 weeks during the year), while administrative employees receive 9 weeks paid vacation a year.

Our teachers enjoy a supportive and collegial work environment, dress comfortably, and enjoy close student relationships. Plus, if your dog plays well with others, he or she is welcome to come to work with you.

“Working at Watershed feels like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. It feels like we are doing something different, something important. Each day feels new and feels as if anything can happen. There is an electricity in the air and it’s powered by the exchange of ideas. “

— Taylor Replane, Art Educator

Part-Time Teaching Positions (2015-2016 school year)

  • Statistics/Calculus (PT), all year
  • Music (PT), Spring Semester
  • Drama (PT), Fall Semester
  • Athletics and Leadership (PT), Spring Semester
  • Digital Arts/Digital Photography (PT), Fall Semester

Desired Job Qualifications

The ideal candidates for teaching positions will have the following:

  • outgoing personality
  • excellent communication skills
  • demonstrated organizational skills
  • experience teaching in a project-based and/or inquiry-based environment
  • an understanding of how to connect academic content to real-world context
  • demonstrated skills developing and supporting community
  • commitment to high academic standards
  • demonstrated success as a collaborative member of a team
  • previous experience with schools
  • familiarity with current issues in education
  • experience with facilitating student groups
  • depth of knowledge in content area

Please send cover letters and resumes to greg@watershedschool.org.