Mishel_Gantz_2012Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that a family makes together. With so many options in the Boulder area, that the decision can often seem daunting.

Watershed School was founded upon the belief that a well-functioning school must be characterized by a commitment to high personal and academic standards as well as a supportive and caring community where students are valued and respected for who they are. Our academic program reflects years of working with students and the latest research in education that informs us that students learn best when their work feels meaningful and relevant. The strength of our community is rooted in the extensive and intentional time we dedicate to community meetings, advisory groups, gatherings, and more, all of which help ensure that students hearts are being cared for along with their minds.

Our unique combination of real-world academics and a caring community makes Watershed School a truly special place to be a part of and has yielded incredible results for our students and families. Watershed students learn to think critically about the world around them and come to know and care for themselves and others. I recently asked a few of our students about their experiences at Watershed School; following are some excerpts:

“I find myself waking up before my alarm goes off, jumping out of my bed to get ready for school, and anxiously awaiting the new things I will learn that day. Watershed has become a place that I can feel comfortable about being myself and letting my curiosity soar. It’s a place where I have developed great friendships with kids whom I can lean on and also lend a hand to.”

- Kierra, 9th grade

“Since coming to Watershed I am aware of the difference in my level of motivation and interest. Every day I come home I have something exciting and meaningful to share with my family. I look forward to engaging in the rich, intelligent class discussions, creating and maintaining a strong community, and learning something new about myself every day. Watershed honors each student and helps them discover how to develop the gifts they have inside and what needs to occur in order for that to happen.”

- James, 12th grade

What a joy to read those words! There is truly something special happening here that I do not want you to miss.

I am here to help during your exploration of Watershed School, so please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions about the school or our admissions process. I look forward to meeting you!


Mishel Gantz

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